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Tick Tock to Apocalypse (Egypt) (June 1967)

An important Coptic thinker from mid century Egypt, ¬†Salama Moussa is the nom d’Internet of Maged Atiya. He has been posting a cuttingly critical blog series of illuminating snippets on Egyptian politics and culture in the lead-up to the 1967 … Continue reading

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Arts and Sciences: The death of a beautiful relationship

Originally posted on affecognitive:
¬† Earlier this calendar year I attended a university panel on how to teach successfully about climate change. I found the experience deeply unsettling, not because of the persons involved but because of what I take…

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Immortal Body at Rest in an Ancient Chinese Techno Case

Undoing the mortal coil, here’s a little something for the Transhumanists. Lying as if suspended in the inside darkness of a tomb, the intricate layering of encasing jade plaques has the power to protect and to transform the body and … Continue reading

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Truth, Lies, Trump, & Paris

Everything President Trump said about the Paris accord was a blatant lie. But assuming that the Rose Garden speech was a truth-act, it’s important to understand what it was that Trump was saying. The point was not to describe the … Continue reading

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