(Metalogical) Being In The World (Franz Rosenzweig)

Rosenzweig writes against what he calls “negative cosmology” in modern philosophy. In the opening lines of the chapter on the world in part I of The Star of Redemption, describes the world like this, or rather our being in the world as self-evident.  “Now what do we know of the world? It appears to surround us. We are in it, but it exists within us too. It penetrates us, but with every breath and every stirring of our hands it also emanates from us” (p.41, Hallo translation).

The world is composed of what could reasonably be called three “structures.”

[1] World order: or logos, reason. With no uniform origin or a single point or concept, the world order is a network or system of relations and rational stipulations (43). The “intrasonic” order of the world is composed of sound, language, reason. It operates like a “force of attraction” (p.48).

[2] World Plenitude: The plentitude of the world is chaosmos, individuated and individuating, a “plentitude of visions” with no precondition, pure, simple, naked, colorful, blind.

[3] Reality of World. The reality of the world is metalogical. It is not determined by reason, but nor is it irrational. The reality of the world is determined by the individuated chaos of possibility as it descends after “a piece of pure plunging” into an order of the world, and which it determines as a structure (pp.48, 49). The reality of the world is not one-dimensional. “[T]hreads and relationships run from every individual point to every other, and to the whole.” The “unity of these countless relationships” is a “relative conclusion” conditioned by “the subjective point of view” (pp.52-3).

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