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As Concrete Person I Am in Space (Husserl contra Heidegger)

I read through Psychological and Transcendental Phenomenology and the Confrontation with Heidegger (1927-1931). Edited by Thomas Sheehan and Richard E. Palmer, the collection of writings pertain to the relationship between Husserl and Heidegger. They include 4 drafts to Husserl’s entry … Continue reading

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Subjects & Nature: Husserl or Heidegger

Unlike Husserl, Heidegger wants to get back to the elemental originality of mere thingness of sensation without the theoretical mediating force of the imagination. This means that the subject disappears into the object, i.e. into the world, into time, into … Continue reading

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God Would Have To Have A Body (Edmund Husserl) (Ideas II)

Part one of Husserl’s Ideas II is given over to the phenomenological “constitution of material nature.” Of all places, it’s here that Husserl speculates about God and spirits as embodied, about the objectivity of a world saturated by subjectivity (95, … Continue reading

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Phantasy and Phenomenology (Edmund Husserl)

Empathy and phantasy are an integral part of phenomenological method. In particular, it is phantasy, or imagination, that suggests that there’s more to consciousness than what presents itself to consciousness. Phenomenological consciousness includes as well that which lies outside the … Continue reading

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Affect & Phenomenology (In the Pleasure Attitude with Edmund Husserl)

In the phenomenology advanced in Ideas II, Husserl proved himself to be an accomplished aesthete. He presents consciousness in gorgeous oscillation between the theoretical and the pleasure attitude. Phenomenological consciousness provides no fixed point perspective. Its intuitions are multiple, folding … Continue reading

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Transcendental, Psychic, Spiritual — Husserl Ideas II

Philosophy friends, please help me out with this quick takeaway from Edmund Husserl, Ideas Pertaining to A Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy, Second Book, where Ideas II surpasses Heidegger’s critique (most likely formed on the Logical Investigations). Two … Continue reading

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Body Animal (Husserl)

MK tells me that corporeality constitutes a major philosophical topos for Husserl in Ideas II. But the body-animal makes a brief appearance in the earlier (1913) Ideas in a section on “animalia and psychological consciousness.” Of interest here are the “animal realities” … Continue reading

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Image Phantasie Phenomenology (Husserl)

The phenomenology, the form of phenomenological reason established by Husserl in Ideas is one that takes seriously the formative power of the imagination and fantasy (which the translators translate as “fancy). Fantasy is one form of consciousness identified by Husserl … Continue reading

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(God) (Husserl)

The first time I realized that God was going to appear in Husserl’s Ideas was reading Edith Wyschogrod in Crossover Queries, where she mentions that passage in which Husserl remarks upon the impossibility of a “world-God,” one who appears or … Continue reading

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Husserl Impressionism Joy

Husserl is actually a beautiful writer. I was not expecting that. Joy proves to be the major affective mode dominating Ideas. Joyousness is an element in the free flowing flux of thought. “For instance, in vivid intuition (imaginative, if you … Continue reading

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