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(Conference) Expanding Jewish Political Thought (Penn)

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(On The Front Page) White House Holocaust Centers

I’m posting this image, not because of what it says directly about either Spicer or Trump but because of the visual power of the layout and what it says about the Holocaust as a tabloid object, positioned here as a … Continue reading

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Israel’s Greatest Victory: 1967 and the End of the Zionist Project (Menachem Lorberbaum at Syracuse University) (March 28)

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Two States, One State, A Lot of Love (Donald and Bibi, Melania and Sara)

As the White House burns and Israel lurches towards a one state apartheid future, the word used by one Israeli journalist is complacency. The Founding Fathers preside over the happy scene. President Trump was perfectly blase at the press conference … Continue reading

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Unhappiness (Melania and Donald)

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Anthologizing American Jewish Thought (NYU)

The swing of Jewish thought and philosophy out of Germany and into America starts with anthologies. Here’s what Michah Gottlieb is up to. It’s of a piece with anthological/editorial volumes organized by Ken Koltun-Fromm and Leonard Kaplan, Martin Kavka and … Continue reading

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Mourning in America (Donald Trump Tweeter Insults)

A mass of words, visually represented. This list appeared originally at the New York Times. It was blown up and put on a storefront-gallery window somewhere in Chelsea on 10th Avenue.

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