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A Hanukah Apocalypse (Gal Cohen)

Untitled, 2016, by Gal Cohen (oil on wood, 30×35 cm) The facelessness of the figures draw out the difference between inside and outside, the gentle pink in contrast to the orange burning outside the window. The city’s on fire.

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(Mystical Politics) No Lines (Israel, Jerusalem, Settlements)

Unerringly consistent, Prime Minister Netanyahu, in his response to the UN Security Council resolution, changed the subject from settlements, about which there is no consensus in Israel or in the Jewish world, to Jerusalem, about which there is. That is … Continue reading

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חנוכה שמח

Detail of a man lighting the Hanukkah lamp, from Decisions of Isaiah of Trani the Younger (Pisqei Rabbi Yeshayah Aharon), Italy (Bologna), 1374. For more, see here

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Physical Torture & Psychological Stress (Christianity in Valentin de Boulogne)

More than the secular genre scenes of Roman low life, the biblical paintings are almost all over the top at the big  Valentin de Boulogne: Beyond Caravaggio show still on view at the Met. A successor of Caravaggio and himself quite the … Continue reading

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(UN Votes Against Settlements) Obama, Israel, and the Middle East

I wrote this to my dear cousin Zvi on FB, but will share and expand here. I’ve never argued against the claim that Obama’s Middle East policy was the dismal failure that it has been. Based on American “leading from … Continue reading

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The New Jewish Wars (Israel + Trump)

The new Jewish wars are about to get worse. Rising to the surface already since the first Lebanon War in the early 1980s, American Jews were, for the most part, able to elide the differences between them regarding Israel and … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Jewish Resistance (Bradley Burston)

All kinds of red lines got crossed this November and all kinds of lines are going to cross-over and cross-hatch in the years to come, changing forever the contours of Jewish community life. This includes the way in which American … Continue reading

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