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Slaves at the Passover Seder (2 Images)

Here are two mages reflecting the place of an African slave at the Passover Seder. The first is from the so-called Sarajevo Haggadah, produced in Barcelona in the 14th C. The other is from Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieuses de tous … Continue reading

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(One Little Goat) Chad Gadya (El Lissitzy)

The 1919 Chad Gadya of El Lissitzky is a violent masterpiece that reveals, uniquely and as if once and for all, the brutal visual core at the Jewish world of this dark Passover classic, sung to this day in Aramaic, … Continue reading

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Bourgeois Passover (Domestic Judaism)

Setting aside all that theo-political stuff, all the high-minded talk and ideas that lend themselves to the public performance and moral didacticism, the social form of the actual Passover seder is intimate; a small scale familial rite, familiar and inward-looking … Continue reading

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(Post-Diasporist) Poyln (Alter Kacyzne)

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Religion Politics Grift

I wasn’t sure how to do this without inciting against ultra-orthodox Jews. But the problem is actually bigger than the one reported here in the NYT and it’s best not to be sentimental. The detailed investigative report is about the … Continue reading

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(Israel) Has Changed Its Face (Judaism)

  The best part in this article here about Merav Michaeli is when, with characteristic bluntness, she tells leftists to stop whining about Mizrachim in Sederot voting Likud. They at least have an effective political home. In this political ad, … Continue reading

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