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Geography of Poverty (Matt Black at St. John the Divine)

If you’re in the neighborhood, I think they’re still there. Head down W.110 Street between Amsterdam and Columbus/Morningside Drive. St. John the Divine has assembled these photographs and put them on view outside along the large retaining south wall of … Continue reading

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Oberlin Students Writing about BDS (Narrow the Difference and Open the Conversation)

Take a deep breath and listen to what students have to say. This piece  by Eli Hovland, Emily Isaacson, and Sarah Keller, which you can read here about and against BDS and anti-semitism on campus, is essential reading. As these students from … Continue reading

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Yours Truly at Campus Watch (BDS)

Is it now going to be the case that anyone who is critical of Israel and of the occupation are automatically aggregated under the BDS umbrella? Of all people, yours truly has been added to the anti-Jewish conspiracy by the … Continue reading

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To Be Looked at From the Other Side of the Glass (Duchamp)

Tongue in cheek, Duchamp turned art into a pseudo technological artifact. Is that transformation the key with which to conceive his work writ large? To be looked at and to be looked through, but who has an hour to kill to … Continue reading

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Heavy Fortified Gun Turret (For My University Friends in Texas)

In Texas, students can open carry into public universities. It was suggested to me on FB that, for their safety, university administrations might want to set something like this up at the podium of the lecture hall or seminar room, … Continue reading

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Vertical Living (Oakland Hills)

Knocking around and about the Oakland Hills, the architecture is as bizarre as it is eclectic. Can’t seem to find any decent historical introduction online, but from what I understand from this article, which you can read here, most of the … Continue reading

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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism at Ansche Chesed (Mary Boys & Abdullah Antepli)

With an open heart and critical eye, the future of liberal Judaism is interfaith, especially between Jews and Muslims, and Christians, especially between Jews and Muslims. That’s what’s important, and difficult. A big crowd came out this past Shabbat at … Continue reading

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Violence & Grace (Mission Dolores)

Extraordinary works of religious art and devotion from the 18th century colonial Mexico, these carved figures of violence and grace are brought together at Mission Dolores in San Francisco. Inside the basilica, they threaten and swoon under the traditional Ohlone … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Judaism and Millennial Jews

With a traditional pop-up book, a three dimensional figure or scene leaps off the space of the two-dimensional page. Intended to surprise and delight, the contemporary usage of the term “pop-up” more broadly refers to temporary, ad hoc, and event-particular … Continue reading

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(Event) Christian-Muslim-Jewish (Ansche Chesed) (Feb 19-20)

Hey New Yorkers, there’s a big event with Mary Boys and Abdullah Antepli at Ansche Chesed about Christian, Jewish, and Muslim interfaith learning and common community building. If liberal religion has a future, this is going to be a part of … Continue reading

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