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Spinoza Serial Killer

I realized today at the end of class. Spinoza was a serial killer. One thing after the next, the God of Israel, prophecy, miracle, law, election. Like him or not, but what’s left? He’s cold, not warm like Leibniz or … Continue reading

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(Inflection Point) Teaching Modern Jewish Philosophy & Thought

I think I figured out how to get away with it. It involves a graphic trick and a conceptual model based on a lively interaction between (theoretical) form and (Jewish) content. Last semester was a fiasco. I wanted to teach … Continue reading

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(Modern Jewish Thought & Religion) and (Religion & Jewish Studies)

One last query about modern and contemporary Jewish philosophy and thought attached to a query about Religious Studies and Jewish Studies. The first is about “religion” and the study of modern (and contemporary Jewish thought, the other about the place … Continue reading

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(A Modest Proposal) Subjects-Of or Objects-For (Jewish Philosophy & Thought)

[Richard Serra, One Ton Prop (House of Cards), 1969] Here’s a thought. As a historical thing, Jewish Philosophy and Thought has been the practice in which Jews and a putative Judaism are the subjects of thought and the objects of … Continue reading

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(Who’s In & Who’s Out) How We Think (One More Question re: Jewish Philosophy & Thought)

Saving the ugliest question for last. How does the study of Modern Jewish Philosophy and Thought position in the canon Jewish thinkers like Arendt, Benjamin, Cassirer, Jonas about whom Jewishness (i.e. a Jewish social and intellectual subject position and experience) … Continue reading

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(A Question for Modern Jewish Thought) Does Contemporary Jewish Thought Exist?

[Eva Hesse Accretion (1968] It used to bother me in the 1990s when I’d see colleagues refer to modern Jewish philosophers like Buber and Rosenzweig as “postmodern.” The logic seemed to have been that since they allegedly they broke with … Continue reading

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Edith & Michael Wyschogrod (Modern Jewish Philosophy)

Martin Kavka sent me this picture of Edith and Michael Wyschogrod, which he found online. Apropos to queries about modern Jewish philosophy and thought, I am posting this lovely image as an emblem.

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