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חמץ (Pink)

(chag sameach)

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Anti-Semitism Derangement Syndrome (Friends of Jeremy Corbyn)

Powerful “special interest groups,” “control of the media,” and so on. If people stopped talking, maybe this episode in the UK would correct itself in due course. But each utterance only makes matters worse. According to this article in the Daily Telegraph, this … Continue reading

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(Satmar and the Holocaust) Sectarian and Visionary (Va’Yoel Moshe)

Guiding undergraduates through an English language introduction to the Yoel Teitelebaum’s Va’Yoel Moshe presents something of a difficulty. What exactly is this thing? Does it reflect a mainstream of orthodox and ultra-orthodox thinking, or is it something of the outlier, … Continue reading

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(Gas Lighting) Art & Anti-Semitism (Mear One)

Immensely frustrating is the contention voiced by some defenders of the faith that this image at the heart of a genuine hue and cry about anti-Semitism and the left in the UK is NOT an anti-semitic image. It’s the very … Continue reading

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(Death & Symmetry) Foxtrot (Samuel Moaz)

(Spoiler Alert) So many of the reviews about Foxtrot have focused on politics and the Occupation, which is well enough, as these operate as the background situation to the action and non-action of the 2017 film by Samuel Moaz. The … Continue reading

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March 23: Along the Road to Bet She’an

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Touching Photographs:
Gavriel is the one running, the one with the flowing hair. He looks like he might be at home in a coffee shop with a guitar on his knee, passing a joint. I remember Gavriels…

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Kosher Cloned Pork (Halakhah & the Biological Sciences)

According to the rabbi in this article in the Times of Israel, Yuval Cherlow of the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization in Israel, cloned meat loses its animal character, thus permitting the kosher consumption of cloned pork, with milk. The opinion suggests … Continue reading

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