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Affect & Auto Anti-Semitism (JCC Bomb Threats)

Maybe this recent wave of anti-Semitism in America never existed in the first place? Or maybe it’s the case that its existence is more complex than simple. Viewed in the round and from a critical distance, what strangeness is revealed … Continue reading

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Holocaust Memorial Day Sirens (Israel & Affect Zionism)

  For those who’ve never seen it, here’s a Youtube clip from Israel on Holocaust Memorial Day. The sirens go off and the whole (Jewish part of the) country stops at a stand still. On one hand, and for good … Continue reading

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On Sanders & Trump (Mantras – Red Meat – Clearly Defined Enemies – Affective Connections – Huge Pools of Money)

Tapping into a national mood that spans across all political, social, and racial spectra, a Trump/Sanders or Sanders/Trump ticket would sweep the general elections. Yes, tongue in cheek, but they’re doing the same thing. Here’s what the anatomy of the … Continue reading

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Affect Politics (Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders)

Affect is slippery  stuff. In this ambient environment, soaked as it is in leaky rage, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between content and form at least at the immanent level of pure utterance. The one bleeds into the other, and … Continue reading

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Mind-Body Parallelism (Report from the Field) (AJS 2015)

The one conversation was with a brilliant young colleague about the super-abstract and mind-bending Brisker method in Talmud-legal analysis. The other was with a senior colleague about the history and philosophy of science (biology, systems biology, embryology, and the like) … Continue reading

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Un-Affected Studies

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Immortality & The Transmission of Affect (Teresa Brennan)

My first introduction to the idea of Affect Theory was the scenario modeled by Teresa Brennan The Transmission of Affect. A person walks into a room and “feels” the atmosphere charged this way or that. The feeling or affect is … Continue reading

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