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President Bannon?

Is this a false fact or only sort of? The New York Times ran this picture with the editorial, headlined “President Bannon?”. You can read it here. The photograph and the headline together make the much stronger statement than the … Continue reading

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(From Fiction To Fact) Philip Roth Beat Trump To The Punch

Lots of the author’s readers have noted the unsettling convergence. Philip Roth’s Plot Against America is a dystopian counter-history which chronicles the election of Charles Lindbergh to the U.S. presidency and his transformation of the country into a Nazi state. … Continue reading

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Statue of Liberty Obscured in Gloam

It’s out there alongside the outline of Ellis Island, but you have to look very hard to find it.

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like (New York)

I took a brisk two mile march today with I don’t know how many thousands of people protesting the xenophobia of Trump’s ban on immigrants and refugees from “certain” Muslim countries. The march began at Battery Park and worked its … Continue reading

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Anti-American & Un-Jewish (Jared Kushner)

Given the force with which Jewish neo-conservatives have taken a stand against  Trump and Trumpism, I want to parse this statement with some precision. Jared Kushner is the great hope of the Netanyahu wing of the Jewish right, especially on … Continue reading

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Muslim Refugees & Immigrants In The Synagogue ( A Note From The Liberal Pew)

Expressing deep shame about the Trump administration’s recent executive decision, yesterday at congregation Ansche Chesed in New York the rabbi voiced strong support of refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries. The expression of this kind of solidarity has a particular … Continue reading

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JFK Protest

Large protests today and tonight at JFK airport in New York

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