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Cartoonish Steven Salaita Tweets (Lose-Lose Zero-Sum)

Apart from the BDS movement, which has acquired for itself a martyr, there are no obvious“winners” in the Steven Salaita dust-up at UIUC. It’s a strictly lose-lose deal. The offending tweets are just too stupid in character to justify the … Continue reading

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Steven Salaita, Public Critique, and Academic Freedom

The following paragraphs represent a composite correspondence taken from two FB exchanges with two different colleagues who are behind Steven Salaita in the collision at UIUC. The discussion touches upon two or three things regarding the poisoned politics of Israel … Continue reading

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Steven Salaita (Uncivil Speech, Obnoxious Speech, Abusive Speech)

Regarding the matter of Steven Salaita, I’ll agree that UIUC should have honored the contract with Steven Salaita and “welcome” him to campus, if only for the contractual reasons as argued by many faculty colleagues and friends. But the case is far … Continue reading

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