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Western Wall Fetish Object

Just a quick note on the Western Wall fiasco in the wake of Netanyahu’s suspending plans to create an egalitarian prayer space there. Parts of the Jewish left are claiming that the fight over access to the Western Wall, this … Continue reading

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(2 Comments) Dyke March Statement on Zionism

Here are two comments regarding the Dyke March statement defending the action to give Jewish Pride the boot. You can read the complete statement here [1] Laura Grauer and Wider Bridge have caught a lot of flak, as if supporting LGBT … Continue reading

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(Dyke March) No Public Judaism (Ellie Otra)

About public Judaism and being Jewish in public, I’m posting the statement by Ellie Otra, one of the women kicked off Dyke March in Chicago for carrying a Jewish Pride flag. Personal and to the point, the statement appeared on … Continue reading

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Exclusionary Imperatives (Ailing American Judaism Today)

I was going to write about the JTS statement on intermarriage (and still will). Then came the kerfuffle relating to leaders at the small Dyke March (some 1000 to 2000 people) demanding that (3) Jews with a Star of David … Continue reading

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(Pink) Statue of Liberty (Sundown)

The other night viewed from Red Hook. The massive sky turned the water into bright, dark pink

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(Wicked) Radical Affects (Spinoza)

“Everyone knows how it goes–a disgust with the present, a craving to make fundamental changes, uncontrolled anger, a scorn for poverty–these affects lead men to wickedness.” (Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise, Chapter XVII) (thank you, Julie Klein for posting this on FB)

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(Reckless Mind) Philosophers & Politics (Mark Lilla)

The distinctly unkind pleasure reading through Mark Lilla’s The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics belongs to liberal skeptics who would concur with Lilla that the combination of philosophy and politics would seem, at least in the twentieth century, to be … Continue reading

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