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Tablet Magazine Response to Coronavirus (Make Brooklyn Great Again)

It is not just the this or that one-off, but the gamut of Covod related content that suggests that Tablet Magazine is a MAGA Jewish outfit. I’m offering below titles, subtitles, and links to what I think is a representative … Continue reading

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Last U.S. Soldier to Leave Afghanistan

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Creative Evolution Supra Consciousness (Henri Bergson)

Bergson’s philosophical method in Creative Evolution is primarily contemplative and visual: recognize reality as a flux of matter and mind, and dissolve back into it by following the course of its creative evolution (pp.191-2). The world picture is art nouveau: … Continue reading

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Anthropomorphism (Arthur Marmorstein & The Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God)

Reading up about God and rabbinic theology, I found this reference by Yair Lorberbaum in to the Hungarian born and forgotten Arthur Marmorstein (1882–1946), author of the two volume The Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God. I: The Names and Attributes … Continue reading

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(Star of Redemption) Spaceship

Into life? Franz Rosenzweig was a futurist. Consciousness steps into a spaceship that spins around the axis of its own blood and time, lifts of from the historical time of planet earth singing Psalm 115, and flies straight into the … Continue reading

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