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American Jews Stop Smiling For Netanyahu’s Israel (What is the “Genesis Prize” That Natalie Portman Turned Down?)

American Jews need to stop smiling for Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel. In the recent blowup concerning Natalie Portman and the so-called Genesis Prize, it comes down to multi-million dollar funds with iffy political rightwing connections to rebrand Israel and the Jewish … Continue reading

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(Jacob & 12 Sons) Savage Jews (Francisco de Zurbarán)

What the hell kind of Jews are these? Am not sure I’ve ever seen anything like Francisco de Zurbarán’s Jacob and His Twelve Sons: Paintings from Auckland Castle, which were on view at and soon to leave the Frick. Painted in between … Continue reading

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Israel-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony (Guest Post by Meirav Jones)

Independence Day in Israel always follows Yom Ha’Zikaron or Memorial Day, a somber, affectively charged day on which, primarily, the Jewish tribal majority in Israel mourns its fallen soldiers. Between thoughtlessness and thoughtfullness, this is a highpoint in Civic Religion … Continue reading

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Affect + Cognition = Affecognitive (Gail Hamner)

Affect and cognition would seem to be an oxymoron. Colleague and friend Gail Hamner thinks otherwise, coining the term affecogitive to get at the imbrication of these two phenomena, namely the imbrication of affect into cognition and cognition into affect. … Continue reading

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What in the Hell is The Death of Stalin?

Wow! What in the hell was that? And what was it supposed to be? The Death of Stalin was billed as a comedy, but that’s not what it was. Sure there was slapstick, jokes, and one-liners, and bumbling idiocy. But that … Continue reading

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(Syracuse University) Jewish Studies Fall 2018 (Looks Like)

A small program, we take visual presence with a lot of seriousness in the Department of Religion and in the Jewish Studies Program. Jewish Studies should look like something. It should have a look, projected out into the public sphere. One … Continue reading

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LSD & Religion (Teaching Richard Rubenstein’s After Auschwitz at Syracuse University)

In class today talking about Richard Rubenstein’s After Auscwitz (1966), I suggested to the students that the turn away from a personal God towards the impersonal God of mysticism was a hallmark of the late 1960s and early 1970s. That is … Continue reading

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