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Yom Sylvester Sameach (Happy Sylvester)

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Color Saturation With A Brief Comment About Objects of Religion

Went to see Saturated: The Allure and Science of Color at the Cooper Hewitt and learned a lot, in particular how to conceptualize a bit about color and color qualities. Writing in the NYT, Roberta Smith comments that about exhibitions at the … Continue reading

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(Relic) Amos Oz (Hand)

This photograph posted on Twitter by his daughter, Fania Oz-Salzberger, of Amos Oz’s  hand before, at, or just after the moment of his passing is both deeply touching and very odd. A frozen photographic image, it is not unlike a … Continue reading

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Is Modern Jewish Thought German Jewish Thought?

Truth be told, I’ve got another German Jewish thought project up my sleeve, but I am wondering nonetheless. Is Modern Jewish Philosophy Thought stuck in and condemned to the German Jewish past? Can we do without it? Do the concepts … Continue reading

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The Sad Place of Jewish Philosophy & Modern Thought at the AJS at 50

Themed around “New Vistas in Jewish Studies,” the 50th Anniversary Issue of AJS Perspectives is a delight to behold, both to see and to read. Billed as “the magazine of the Association for Jewish Studies,” its most recent issue was devoted … Continue reading

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Night of the Cabbalist (Tim Gidal) (1935)

Yes, you can stage photograph the spiritual in art. Found the image on Twitter and then tracked the reference to the Jewish Museum where i found these details. About Tim Gidal, you can find here his Wikipage: Tim N. Gidal … Continue reading

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(Anti-Lachrymose Jewish History) A Lachrymose, Theological, Reactionary Object (Salo Baron)

Jewish Studies and the study of Jewish History in America begin to show their age. The older they get the weirder they look in retrospect.  Told as an origin story, one of the great founding moments of the discipline in … Continue reading

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