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(Latex, Textile, & Mother of Pearl) Architectural Skins (Heidi Bucher)

(Heidi Bucher, Elfenbornhaut, 1982)     [clockwise from top left: Borg, 1976; Fenster mit Läden und Schindeln, Bellevue, 1988; Elfenbornhaut, 1982; Bett (Bed), 1975; Untitled (Door to the Herrenzimmer), 1978 The Site of Memory, an exhibition of works by Heidi Bucher (1926-1993) caught my … Continue reading

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New York Cityscape (Abstract w/ Organic Elements)

View from a window, New York cityscapes are abstract with organic elements. New York is more typically associated with the vertical, in particular with the skyscraper. But the most interesting part of the urban geometry might be the horizontal lines … Continue reading

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Green Light (Riverside Park)

In Riverside Park on the walk-path under the Olmstead Wall, which framed the intense green light shooting down the length of a single tree branch on a bright spring day

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(Violent Surge of Excellent Writing) Habakkuk (Shavuot)

Locked up tight in the liturgical reading of Scripture in the synagogue as the haftarah on the second day of Shavuot, the holiday of revelation, the manifestation of  God in the third chapter of Habbakuk signals total world disaster. In … Continue reading

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(Kiddush/Chillul Ha-Sehem) Jewish Respectability Ethics (Hertz Pentateuch)

A standout moment in the classic Hertz Pentateuch commentary from 1936, a fixture in the liberal synagogue for the better part of the 20th century, is the appeal to respectability, phrased in terms of kiddush Ha’Shem, the hallowing/sanctification of  God’s … Continue reading

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Jared Kushner Palestine Plan (Religion & Politics)

Watching amateur hour unravel in full public view, that the so-called Deal of the Century was cooked up by 3 rightwing modern orthodox Jews will have to be raised at some point. Of course, we’re playing with fire, which is … Continue reading

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