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September 29, 2017, Erev Yom Kippur Al-Auja – David Shulman

Originally posted on Touching Photographs:
Most photographs here were taken by Margaret Olin in Al-Auja in late July, 2017. Dotting the slopes on either side of Wadi Auja are the widely scattered houses of Al-Auja. In most cases only three…

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על חטא שחטאנוּ (Donald Trump’s Mouth)

Originally posted on jewish philosophy place:
The Jewish moral tradition makes a big deal about language. Heading towards the Day Of Atonement is a little juxtaposition — Donald Trump’s mouth and a wee bit of the long confession from the Yom Kippur…

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Judaism & The Fetish: A Quick Note on Marx and the (Religious) Imagination

Marx was a bitter cuss, the odd positioning of whom in relation to religion from a Religious Studies perspective relates to the binary disambiguation in his thinking between what’s genuinely real and what’s not, namely mental projections and ideological phrasings. … Continue reading

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Blue Sky and Clouds Between Trees

It was like the trees on either side of the walk cracked open to reveal bright some blue sky and sharp white cloud in some inverted tzimtzum.

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Not So Awesome Days of Awe This Year

Rituals, we know from the study of religion, are supposed to encapsulate a perfect order completely unlike the messiness of lived, daily life. In the ritual space, everything is supposed to go right. This is what marks the disjunctive quality, … Continue reading

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גמר חתימה טובה

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After This Year & Its Curses (Shanah Tovah)

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(Decision Plan) Tikvah Fund & Ethnic Cleansing in Israel

Jewish Studies colleagues along with readers of Tablet Magazine online and the Jewish Review of Books should find of interest this piece by here by JJ Goldberg. The article is about a recent rightwing plan, promoted by one Bezalel Smotrich, … Continue reading

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Kitsch and the American Jewish Novel

Last spring after a reading I had the opportunity to ask an important American Jewish writer about kitsch and the American Jewish writer, to which I received an inadequate response complemented later by an icy look-through-you as we passed each … Continue reading

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A Conservative Christian Feminist & the KKK (Mollie Alma White)

Touching on American religious history and sociology of Christianity, feminism and racism, worth a look is this article by Sharon Otterman in the NYT Metropolitan section (Sunday). It’s about Zaraphath Christian Church, described as the flagship congregation of the Pillar … Continue reading

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