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Bulls Will Then Be Offered at the Kasbah Messianic Grill (Thank God)

At 251 WEST 85th Street, between Broadway and West End Avenue. From their website: Our story begins in New York City in the 1980s. The Dery brothers’ were born in Morocco and raised in Israel where they were greatly influenced by … Continue reading

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Rabbi Eliezer Sadan (Rav Eli Sadan) – His Hands Remained Steady

Originally posted on The Book of Doctrines and Opinions::
There is a trend of Americans rabbis going to Israel for a few weeks and upon return exclaiming: “how come we don’t have a Rav Shagar world here? Think of what…

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(Resurrection) Transhumanism (Steven Schwartzschild

Forget rationalism, moral radicalism, or “the political.” Messianism entails nothing if not a “philosophy of life,” the resurrection of the dead, the creation of New Man or Extreme Man.  Viewing it from this perspective, I suspect that the esoteric doctrine … Continue reading

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Messianism & Moral Radicalism (After the Holocaust) (Steven Schwarzschild)

Avoiding him for years, I knew that reading Steven Schwarzschild’s Pursuit of the Ideal was going to be for me an unpleasant professional chore. He wrote an important article about “Jewish aesthetics” that appears in the volume. But that was … Continue reading

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Drunken Messianic Burlesque (Passover)

The Passover Haggadah and its seder proceeds along a narrative arc from slavery to the liberation of messianic redemption. Up until dinner, the traditional seder is conducted as a memorial to the Temple cult in Jerusalem, the restoration of which … Continue reading

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The Political Messianic Idea Is An Incoherent Mess (Joseph Klausner)

Going in, I thought that reading Joseph Klausner’s The Messianic Idea in Israel from Its Beginning to the Completion of the Mishnah would be just a professional chore, a look at an antiquarian piece of ideological historiography. An oddball of … Continue reading

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(My Working Will Be the Work) Maintenance Art and the Messianic (Mierle Laderman Ukeles)

As it turns out, Jewish ritual, the idea of the holy, informs much of this artist’s work and her thought. They cut against the grain of “messianism” in ways that are at once profound and ordinary. My introduction to her … Continue reading

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