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We’re All Temple Mount Agonistes Now

The news out of Jerusalem just gets worse, already on a boil after the abduction-murder of the 4 boys last summer. Now rightwing Jewish zealots supported by parliamentarians from the governing coalition seek to change the status quo on the … Continue reading

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Samuel Fleischacker- Words of a Living God -part one

Originally posted on The Book of Doctrines and Opinions::
Back to Orthodoxy and Contemporary Thought. Is revelation ineffable or in words? Kant, Schopenhauer, and Otto thought the natural experience of the sublime stood alone, Barth and Rav Soloveitchik both said…

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Muhammad Asad — A Big World Picture on The Road to Mecca

Regarding the small share that the critique of Orientalism and its place in the Occident owe to orientalist discourse, I’ve known for some time that the father of anthropologist, post-colonialism and religion-studies theorist Talal Asad was Muhammad Asad, and that Muhammad … Continue reading

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Hometown Bar-B-Que (Red Hook)

Artisanal, meaning handled to death, the brisket’s sublime, the beef ribs fall of the bone, cooked in their own fat and a peppery, black rub. Hometown Bar-B-Que is a big joint in an old warehouse, in the the heart of … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Work Suspended In Midair

Driving down the FDR, we saw these workers –human figures caught in the abstract lines of the cable, at work on the Brooklyn Bridge, suspended in midair. The floating scene looked spiritual or unbelievable, which, of course, it wasn’t?    

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Humanism, Modernism, Socialism (Paul Strand Photographs

Always in search of classical American visual vernacular, if I had the time I’d go straight to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Paul Strand retrospective. I’ll have to make do with the article by Karen Rosenberg here … Continue reading

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Temple Mount Incendiary (Al Aksa)

This should terrify everyone and everyone should understand precisely which political elements are responsible for heating things up in Jerusalem. Recent events call Israeli stewardship over the eastern part of the city into serious question. Examples include moves afoot in … Continue reading

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