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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics.

(Caught In the Middle of the Middle East) Martin Luther King Jr. & Israel & The Six-Day War (Martin Kramer)

I can’t speak for the volume as a whole, but this piece here by Martin Kramer about Martin Luther King Jr., Israel, and the Middle East circa 1967 judiciously cuts straight down the middle against those who would claim King … Continue reading

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(Rome Pieces) On the Wall & De-Material (Richard Tuttle)

About these images, one could create a spiritual allegory about the appearance of the presence of a god in the world. The Rome Pieces by Ricard Tuttle are discrete little things. The humble mark made of graphite lines and cut … Continue reading

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(Trains) Holocaust & American Life (Steven Miller)

On moral depravity, this from Newsweek here: The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” section published its latest series of emails Tuesday which were leaked by an ex-Breitbart editor. The emails reveal Miller pitching white nationalist and vigilantly anti-immigrant ideas to … Continue reading

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Jewish Thought At The 2019 Nation­al Jew­ish Book Award

At a time when so many of us worry about the future of reading, the future of books, and the future of university scholarship and the humanities, this type of community recognition is a ray of light. You can see … Continue reading

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(Birthday) JPP is 8 Years Old (I Hate You All)

No, not at all. just joking, but, yes, actually, JPP is 8 years.  This past year was depressing, in the real world, here at the blog. Too much Trump, too much anti-Semitism. I’m on leave this spring. A big book … Continue reading

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Understanding & Combating Anti-Semitism Today (Analysis From The American Jewish Progressive/Radical Left)

Without comment and such as they are, here are op-ed analyses from quarters on the Jewish radical/progressive left about how to understand and combat anti-Semitism today. I’ll update this post as more of it comes in. At Jacobin: Only the … Continue reading

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(Not Whiteness) Christianity is at the Root of Anti-Semitism in America

After Pittsburgh and Poway, it was almost comforting to be able to identify the political and racial identity of white anti-Semitism. We knew, more or less, where it was coming from and recognized the motivating ideologies. Now many of us … Continue reading

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