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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics.

Nothing Happens: Three stories in the South Hebron Hills

Originally posted on Touching Photographs:
Nothing can happen in many different ways. When it does happen it is always eventful, full of tension and suspense. Sometimes nothing takes a very long time, and often a lot of work to happen.…

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New York City Green Revolution Building

Pretty to look at, this residential apartment building in Morningside Heights is about to be eaten alive by the English Ivy.

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(Contestation of Statements) The US Holocaust Memorial Museum & The Scholars’ Petition

Who is a Nazi? What is a concentration camp? The politicians have done their damage throwing Holocaust bombs at each other, leaving the rest of us involved professionally in this line of inquiry to sort through and volatilize further the … Continue reading

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#Never Again & Other Holocaust Objects Only Addle

Holocaust objects are widely recognizable and shared objects that convey Holocaust memory and the trauma that Holocaust memory carries. As old technologies, archaic today, they used to set that memory in stone. Examples include iconic photographs, historical sites, monuments, novels … Continue reading

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Teaching the Holocaust Again

I wrote the following notes after having taught at Syracuse my Holocaust class, the focus of which is Jewish religious response to the Holocaust. This post seems apt and I have since added to it. While keeping to the basic … Continue reading

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(Holocaust Memory) Laura Levitt Guest-Blog (The Evidence Room)

[[With profound thanks, JPP is delighted to host as a guest-blog these reflections by Laura Levitt on “The Evidence Room.” About the exhibition, you can get your bearings here and here in this review that appeared in the NYT, and here. Among … Continue reading

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Fragmentary Colossal Head of A Youth

This colossal head Greek head from the 2nd century BCE found in a gymnasium at Pergamon in western Turkey and brought by way from the Pergamon in Berlin where he is still on loan in New York at the Metropolitan … Continue reading

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