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Mass Rallies & Political Illusion (The Sanders Campaign)

The Sanders campaign was and remains for the rest of its duration a remarkable amalgam of social realism and social criticism, on the one hand, plus imagination and fantasy, on the other hand. About fantasy I don’t mean this or … Continue reading

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Crude Moralizing, Bernie Sanders, and the Politics of Israel

  About the politics of Israel, Bernie Sanders is showing himself to be incoherent. Already failing to coordinate ends and means, the candidate thinks he’s doing one thing only to undercut himself and the cause he sets out to represent. … Continue reading

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Clinton, Sanders, and Jesus

Politics is not a moral purity system, which is why even the most trustworthy politician should show a little taint. They don’t always have to be right; and there’s nothing wrong with compromise and a little corruption, which is why … Continue reading

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On Sanders & Trump (Mantras – Red Meat – Clearly Defined Enemies – Affective Connections – Huge Pools of Money)

Tapping into a national mood that spans across all political, social, and racial spectra, a Trump/Sanders or Sanders/Trump ticket would sweep the general elections. Yes, tongue in cheek, but they’re doing the same thing. Here’s what the anatomy of the … Continue reading

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Skeptic (4 + 1 Questions About Bernie Sanders & the Nation’s Endorsement)

Each in their own way (and this according to the Nation), Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump represent charismatic politics. Having tapped a strong populist core and now that he is being taken seriously as a national candidate, here are some … Continue reading

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