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(Trump) Soft Religion Soft Fascist (Speech to Congress)

Full of soft religion and soft fascism, the Trump speech to Congress will do much to normalize this presidency if Trump can continue to stick to script. The transcript  is here. The tone was soothing and pitch perfect, the vision … Continue reading

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Trump Cemetery Desecration (Toppled)

Trump turns America over.

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Carl Schmitt, Donald Trump, and Academic Poltical Theory

It was always a grotesque intellectual alliance. Since about 9/11, academic political theorists on the left, including so-called political theologians, have jumped to the ultra-conservative and fascist and Nazi-leaning German Carl Schmitt. They did so for a host of concepts … Continue reading

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Statue of Liberty Welcomes Refugees

(apparently for real)

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Interview with William Kolbrener- The Last Rabbi: Joseph Soloveitchik

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(Trump) Cemetery Desecration (Missouri 2017)

Across the country and up into the White House, what’s new is the scale of the new anti-Semitism. Trump America looks like anti-Semites vandalizing 170 to 200 gravestones at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City, Missouri near St. Louis. … Continue reading

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The Political Messianic Idea Is An Incoherent Mess (Joseph Klausner)

Going in, I thought that reading Joseph Klausner’s The Messianic Idea in Israel from Its Beginning to the Completion of the Mishnah would be just a professional chore, a look at an antiquarian piece of ideological historiography. An oddball of … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Rejects Regional Peace Plan & Jewish State Idea (2016) (Timeline)

Based on leaked story from officials in the Obama Administration, this article by Barak Ravid in Ha’aretz puts the lie to any claim that it was the Palestinians, and not Israel, who destroyed prospects for a two state solution. The … Continue reading

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New Antisemitism in American Politics (Trump and Turx)

This is a sea change in the public sphere of American and American-Jewish political life. Watch the exchange posted below between Trump and journalist Jake Turx. The President expects a “friendly” question from Turx, obviously, because Turx is an orthodox … Continue reading

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Choose Life: Deuteronomy and Environmentalism

(Choose Life) Religion scholar and affect theorist Gail Hamner writing on Christian liturgy and ancient Israel, Deuteronomy and environmentalism, alignment, orientation, and sustainability

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