Netanyahu Rejects Regional Peace Plan & Jewish State Idea (2016) (Timeline)


Based on leaked story from officials in the Obama Administration, this article by Barak Ravid in Ha’aretz puts the lie to any claim that it was the Palestinians, and not Israel, who destroyed prospects for a two state solution. The story highlights the degree to which Prime Minister Netanyahu prefers settlements to a peace that would integrate Israel into the Middle East. Ravid reports that Netanyahu rejected a peace deal arranged by then Secretary of State Kerry. The deal included regional buy-in from neighboring Arab countries and would have included broad Arab recognition of the “Jewish State” proposition, something repeatedly stated by Netanyahu as a sine qua non to any peace agreement. The article includes a detailed timeline for anyone interested. The whole thing got cooking in October 20015 and ran aground by May 2016 when Netanyahu dropped discussions with the center-left Zionist Union, which would have supported the deal, in order to appoint rightwing Avigdor Liberman as Defense Minister and to maintain his coalition partnership with the Jewish National Home Party, the ultra-right wing settler party, who were never going to stomach such an agreement.

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    Walter Benjamin in an age of perpetual campaign rallies (via Samuel Weber in ‘Theoretical Questions’

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