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America First (American Jews & American Nazism)

Preparing for a faculty workshop, I was asked to comment about a collection of texts on the idea of Jewish peoplehood. One set of readings were taken from C.B. Sherman’s The Jew Within American Society, a text from 1965, with … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Revolutionary Love at the AAR (Laura Levitt)

This year the theme at the American Academy of Religion took a robust theological turn, focused on “revolutionary love.” Does such a rubric make room for non-Christians? Is the AAR losing its way? Responding to a keynote address by Michelle … Continue reading

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(Executioners) Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (Cecco del Caravaggio)

It might have been a a mistake to hide the martyr’s face behind the shadow of his right arm. But clearly, the attention in this painting attention goes, not  to St. Sebastian,  but to his executioners, and to the combined … Continue reading

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(Trans-Arabian Pipeline) Steel Rings (Rayyane Tabet)

The fall landscaping at the Highline in New York covers up the idea of abandoned historical remains expressed in the form of simple steel rings. This is what can be done with minimalist/conceptualist sculpture. Historical memory comes into and out … Continue reading

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Have Your Cake & Eat It (Right Left Anti-Semitism at Tablet)

Tablet Magazine is a platform for the neo-conservative Jewish right. It always has been, like its sister site at the mostly defunct Tikvah Fund, mixing political content into parve Jewish cultural content. As a case in point, for anyone wondering … Continue reading

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(About Death) Thinking (Canaanite Figurine)

What’s on this Canaanite fellow’s mind? The main body of the decorative figurine is formed out of the neck of a Bronze Age pottery jug, to which the arms, legs, and head were added. He’s almost 4,000 years old, uncovered at … Continue reading

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Springtime For You Know Whom (Branding Trump)

Cousin ZC is a rationalist. He doesn’t believe in political name calling. But in politics, one has to brand. Comedians understand this as a basic part of their art.

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