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(Christianity) Talmud and the Impotence of God (Petrus Alfonsi)

Petrus Alfonsi was a Jewish convert to Christianity who grew up in an Iberian-Islamic milieu in Huesca, which became the capital of Aragon atthe time of the Christian reconquest. While it goes unnamed as such, his Dialogus contra Iudaeos (ca. … Continue reading

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Question about Freud re: Surrealism

[Hans Bellmer, The Doll, 1936] About Freud’s bemusement about Surrealism, that they made him their patron saint, this piece, which you can read here, by Donald Kaplan is excellent. “On his side, Freud was flattered by such benediction. When the sculptor Oscar … Continue reading

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Abortion =/= Murder (Jewish Law)

While a firm line of medieval and early modern tradents and modern traditionalists rule that abortion is not permitted according to Jewish law, what we today call the right to abortion, even late term abortion, is, in fact, well grounded … Continue reading

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Medieval Islam & The Dialogue Against the Jews (Peter Alfonsi)

Petrus Alphonsi (d. 1116) was a Jewish Spanish physician, writer, astronomer, and polemicist, who converted to Christianity in 1106. He is also known just as Alphonsi, and as Peter Alfonsi or Peter Alphonso and was born Moses Sephardi). Born in Islamic Spain, he mostly lived in England and France after his conversion (wiki). He … Continue reading

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