Call for Translators of Classical Jewish Texts in Hebrew & Aramaic

For anyone interested, I saw this posted at H-Judaic:

The Hackmey Hebrew Classical Library
Call for Translators – an update

Harvard University Press and Tel Aviv University Press is about to
launch a new series of bilingual editions of classical Hebrew and
Aramaic texts in facing English translation (on the model of Loeb and
I Tatti). The new series, made possible by a donation of Mr. Joseph
Hackmey, will be named The Hackmey Hebrew Classical Library. The
project is under the direction of Prof. Aviad Kleinberg, director of
Tel Aviv University Press.

We are currently looking for high-quality translations of Hebrew and
Aramaic texts in all genres — from poetry to halachic discussions and
from philosophy to chronicles —from the post-biblical period to the
haskalah. We invite scholars working in these fields to submit
proposals for English translations from Hebrew and Aramaic. The
translations will be accompanied by an introduction, short explanatory
notes and a bibliography.

We are particularly (but by no means exclusively) interested in the
following titles:

1.  Abraham ibn Hasdai, The Prince and the Ascetic

2.  Midrash Rabba to the Song of Songs, Ruth, Esther, Ecclesiastes.

3.  Maimonides, Mishne Torah (especially Sefer ha-mada)

4.  Haim Vital, Shaar Hagilgulim

5. Shaarei Qdusha

6.  Yaacov Emdin, Megilat Sefer

7.  Abraham Ibn Ezra, Yesod Mora

8.  Midrash Haneelam (Ruth)

9.  Yoseph Karo, Magid Meisharim

10.  Immanuel of Rome, Machbarot

11.  Yehudah Muscato, Sermons

12.  Isaac Abrabanel, Introductions to his commentaries

Please send your proposals to Uri Ganani, project coordinator: (Subject: Hackmey Project)

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