Space Station Synagogue (Mitzpe Ramon)

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I like these photographs of this synagogue, and the late 1960s, early 1970s provenance. I   found the pictures on Tumblr at: “Tzilah” is a great Jewish art and culture blog. This place is maybe one of the strangest synagogues I’ve ever seen in its combination of militarism and modernism. The more overt symbolism I can do without. The modular look, and the combination of light and cheap material is very cool. It doesn’t really belong on this planet. Here’s what was posted about it:

Zvi Hecker – Synagogue on the Campus of the Military Academy of Mitzpe Ramon – Negev Desert, Israel. (1969-1971)

This small Synagogue, which can accomodate about 100 people, was the result of a research Heckner did on combining geometric cells. The building is made of concrete, facetted like a crystal. The hexagons are reminiscent of the six pointed Star of David. The triangles let in air and indirect light and create a religious space that combines remarkably well with the concrete walls.

Source: Edward van VoolenJoodse Kunst en Cultuur (Jewish Art and Culture) 2006.

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