(Unsafe and Uncivil) “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers” (Leila Khaled)

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If Zionism is “settler colonialism” or a simple instance of “state violence” then this kind of expression is one logical conclusion, as much as one might want to disown the (rhetorical) violence.  As reported in the Forward, the stencils were distributed at an event marking the Edward Said mural on campus at San Francisco State University.

The formulation is actually very local. During Occupy Oakland there were some signs reading “My heroes have always killed cops.”

Call it what you want, these kinds of fighting words create a hostile environment, more hostile than the Israel and Zionism, the country and ideology, whose destruction those responsible for the stencils want committed.

The image is of Leila Khaled, a terrorist or an ex-terrorist, born in Haifa, whose family was expelled/fled to Lebanon in 1948. Actually, she never killed anyone, although she and/or her fellow conspirator Patrick Argüello might have ended up doing so during their botched attempt to hijack an El Al flight back in the 1970s.

As her wiki page testifies, Khaled continues to enjoy a revolutionary chic in certain circles. The links on her wiki page are, indeed, fascinating, a little time capsule from a long time ago. But, no, she’s not my  hero.

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4 Responses to (Unsafe and Uncivil) “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers” (Leila Khaled)

  1. lidia says:

    Year, sure. Zionism is ONLY ethnic cleansing, robbing. mass-murdering and torturing 24/7 for tens of years now. What hostile environment could it create?
    I am sorry, but your POV is clear – to call spade a spade is forbidden if spade is a Zionist one.

    And, by the way, you could find better authority on Iran and Syria then prof. Cole. Not only his Zionism and imperialism is not the better starting point, he is known to simply lie (as about Qaddafi using warplanes against peaceful demos). As a matter of fact, chemical weapons usage by Assad is NOT proven, but Cole stateted it as such, Not mentioning that even official Egypt is very NOT happy with “Syrian” rebels now, so Iranian position must be popular in Egypt.

  2. Antonio says:

    Yes, she is a hero. Zionism is a venom, a crime and only creates a hostile environment for both jews and arabs. Time for righteous jews to finally stand up and speak out against zionism.

  3. johnsmithsonian says:

    This is an image of Lolita Lebron a Puerto Rican Nationalist.

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