BDS — Fundraising Appeal

Well, this is the first formal fundraising pitch for a Jewish-Israel related organization that I’ve seen relating to the recent decision of the American Studies Association to boycott Israeli universities. It was sent to “me” via email. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to raise money for the Jewish Studies Program at Syracuse University. The New Israel Fund is already on it. 

Zachary —

Last week the American Studies Association announced their boycott of Israeli universities.

We know that all boycott proponents see when they look at Israel is a hopelessly discriminatory society. They see an Israel where women have to fight for the right to sit at the front of the bus. They see an Israel where the Knesset debates how to constrain civil liberties. They see an Israel mired in occupation.

They’re only seeing half the picture.

They’re missing the vibrant pro-democracy community devoted to the vision of Israel’s founders: a state that ensures complete equality of social and political rights without regard to religion, race, or sex.

Donate today to empower Israel’s progressive advocates. Make sure they have the resources to push the extremists back to the margins.

What I admire most about NIF supporters is your courage. You’re brave enough to look squarely at the obstacles Israeli society must confront. You know that it takes a tremendous amount of work — community organizing, policy advocacy, legal intervention — to create a better Israel. And you step up to get it done.

Donate now. Together we can defeat the inequality, injustice, and extremism that diminish Israel.

You and I have the power — and the responsibility — to give Israel’s progressives the resources they need. It’s on us.

NIF raises one-third of our budget in December every year. Now is the time to make your gift. 

If you and I succeed, Israel will thrive as a free and open society. If we fail, extremists will change Israel into a place you and I will hardly recognize.

It’s up to us.

Daniel Sokatch, CEO
New Israel Fund

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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics.
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  1. efmooney says:

    I’m so glad you sent this ! (posted it . . .) I rub elbows with scholars who collaborate with scholars in Arab universities, who ‘sneak’ Arab women with their kids to the beach and then go public after three years citing Thoreau’s civil disobedience, and in the smaller colleges teach classes with one-half Arab-Israeli women students. I’m not blind to all that challenges this picture — all in the most real ‘big picture.’ But neither am I blind to the fact that an Arab gave me a haricut when I got ‘off the boat’ while ‘trash talking’ with a Jewish guy waiting for his. Cavell talks of moments here that ‘rebuke hopelessness,’ and seeing the call for contributions, and seeing David B’s Times collumn on tragedy (than mentions ASA) are moments (to my ears) that rebuke hopelessness.

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