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No — Peace — Justice — Israel — Palestine

“No Justice, No Peace” is a well-established formula. With orgins in the Black Power Movement, it gets at the asymmetrical conflict over Israel and Palestine. The very simple argument is that Israel won’t enjoy peace without justice for Palestine. Less … Continue reading

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Jerusalem (Har Nof)

In the middle of prayer, the atrocity at Kehilat Yaakov synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood Jerusalem, the terrible desecration today is going to sear into Jewish memory. The fight for Israel and Palestine turns into a bitter and blood-soaked religious war of … Continue reading

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Transcendental, Psychic, Spiritual — Husserl Ideas II

Philosophy friends, please help me out with this quick takeaway from Edmund Husserl, Ideas Pertaining to A Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy, Second Book, where Ideas II surpasses Heidegger’s critique (most likely formed on the Logical Investigations). Two … Continue reading

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Time Machine (Gordon Earl Adams)

His goal was to control time and space. But is this design-scheme any less loopy than, what, The Star of Redemption? Speculative and “spectacular,” both plans were driven by the powers and force effects of cyclical motion. The only difference is that … Continue reading

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Humanities Today — Universities Invest in Art

Two fascinating articles in the Sunday Arts & Leisure section of the NYT about massive investments invested by elite U.S. universities in creating quality museum space on campus. Campuses include Harvard, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, and Yale with costs that run … Continue reading

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What is a Bioswale? New York Green Space

A gradually sloped depression of plants, soil, and stone, and other garden plantings along a little stretch of Columbus Avenue between  76th and 77th Streets. I like the diminutive scale and the urban setting.

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Deep Space Angelus Novus (Paper Mache Comet-Object)

A few quick comments: The Object Oriented Ontologists will be having a field day with the new photographs from the European Space Agency’s Philae lander. The object at hand is truly withdrawn from the form of relation. Comets are seraphic beings. … Continue reading

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Taking Pictures (Margaret Bourke-White at Buchenwald)

This will be my last post about Margaret Bourke-White.  In this photograph, the photographer is photographed taking photographs of dead bodies at Buchenwald. I found the image online, and wanted to share it along with a passage from her 1946 report Dear Fatherland, … Continue reading

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Nazi Suicides (Margaret Bourke-White)

Margaret Bourke-White took these photographs of Nazi suicides in 1945. They are [1] two children in Schweinfurt murdered by their mother who then committed suicide, and [2] the wife and daughter of Leipzig City Council deputy mayor. I’ve never seen … Continue reading

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Sounds Sacred — Jewish Music (Stanford)

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