Iran Stories (Larry Cohler-Esses)

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Compare and contrast the sensationalistic and tendentious headline in the NYT “Reporting From Iran, Jewish Paper Sees No Plot to Destroy Israel,” and then go read the must-read article by Larry Cohler-Esses in the Forward, which you can find here. Unlike the NYT story about the story, Cohler-Esses does not draw such ready conclusions about the regime and its intentions or even long term prospects. But it’s clear his heart is with the Iranian people.

Interviewed are “people on the street,” Grand Ayatollahs, Revolutionary Guards, and political leaders about just about everything: the regime and Deep State, the assassination in 1953 of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossedegh, the Shah, the Revolution, the Iran-Iraq war, political reform, economic development, military budgets, human rights, foreign policy, tourism, traditional Persian food and culture, local environmentalism, relations with the west, Jews, and Israel.

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