Nazi Detector App (Daniel Sieradski)

Nazi app

Love him or hate, from the twisted and fearless mind of Daniel Sieradski, it’s the Nazi Detector App. Right off his op-ed against anti-BDS legislation, you can read the latest here at the Forward. A technological tool for gutter politics, it marks its target.

The Nazi Detector, a Google Chrome extension, identifies not only white supremacist social media users, famous Nazis and anti-Semitic groups, including Adolf Hitler, David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, but also the presumptive Republican nominee, changing his last name to “Trumpler,” in an allusion to Hitler.

A test-run showed that the Nazi Detector, which went live Friday, added swastikas around the last names of some Nazis and white supremacist groups but did not mark other famous anti-Semites, such as Nazi leaders Adolf Eichmann and Joseph Goebbels. Sieradski explained the focus of the extension was white supremacists who were involved in online harassment.

 “This is really about folks who are harassing other folks online. The ‘real’ Nazis are dead,” he said.

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