(Mark Levin Says) Kids Drop Dead (Trumpcare)

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Well this made a lot of sense, listening to ultra-conservative radio host Mark Levin talking about Trumpcare, I now understand what Republicans think. At his best, Levin rambles a lot. Somewhere off to the right of Ted Cruz and the Freedom Caucus, sometimes he screams like a chicken. Last night on my drive home through eastern PA, I tune in and he’s talking about pre-existing conditions. Addressing Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt appeal about babies with serious maladies, Levin expressed deep sympathy. You know exactly where this is going and then he says it; in actual words. In this life, there’s sickness and death, and “government” can’t and should not do anything about it. The frame of reference was pseudo-existential. In this world, kids die. Accept it. Of course he did not say this out loud, but that’s what he was thinking. I know that many of us think that one function of government is to secure social welfare as a basic part of the common good. Without the bat of any eye, Levin babbled on about vets and getting them vouchers so they don’t have to go to government-run hospitals.

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