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Charlottesville Teach-In (Syracuse University)

From the Jewish right there has been a lot of noise, and from some liberals genuine concern of late. Are American Jews being pushed out of movements for social and racial justice? Relying on anecdotal evidence culled from news reports … Continue reading

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Genesis (Earth Grassing Grasses, Seed Seeding Plants, Fruit Making Fruit Trees)

  I spent some time staring at the Hebrew in synagogue this week, particularly vivid, but lost in translation. Earth being the active subject of Genesis 1:11-12 requires peculiar linguistic convolutions. 11…T’dashe ha’aretz deshe esev mazriah zerah etz pri osheh … Continue reading

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Blobby Shadow Cast By Brownstones Onto the Sidewalk

Being good Platonists, our eye usually goes from inside the cool space of a shadow out towards bright sunlit areas. But viewing it from just along its lit up edge shows, at least in the picture, the shadow cast off … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t “Like” Tablet Online Magazine — Corporate Money & the New Read on Jewish Life

Originally posted on jewish philosophy place:
(Eli Valley, detail from Metamorphosis, a comic about “hip” Jewish projects {I’m posting this image with generous permission from the artist} {You can see the whole strip here}) Having recently joined Facebook, I see how…

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The Actors’ Temple in Hell’s Kitchen

Sundays now get us to, and around and about Hell’s Kitchen where we stumbled upon the Actors’ Temple, just off Broadway on 47th Street. What’s posted outside by way of information is more or less what I found on Wikipedia, … Continue reading

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(Bezalel Narkiss Index of Jewish Art) Digital Archive

Saw this piece at Hyperallergic about “the Bezalel Narkiss Index of Jewish Art, a recently launched website that represents the world’s largest online database of Jewish art.” “Made public by the Center in August, the website features over 260,000 entries that catalogue … Continue reading

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Easy Fast & Yom Kippur Year of Vigilance (2017)

I don’t think I was the only one in my social circles on whom the Days of  Awe fell flat this year. There was AB, and AB, and SB, and I’m sure many more who said pretty much the same … Continue reading

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