Quarantine Dream House Machine (Gal Cohen)



Artist’s Statement:

Quarantine Dream House Machine

QDHM is a project initiated while in quarantine. A digital series of mixed media works of imagined houses based on people’s descriptions of their dream houses. QDHM is based on alternative imagined present, in which people find themselves closed in their current houses without any mobility nor choice, isolated from loved ones due to social distancing and pandemic risks. It is a virtual invitation for people to imagine and share with me descriptions of their house of dreams. The descriptions can be highly descriptive or minimalistic. Then I envision it as digital paintings which I share back in social network platforms (Instagram, Facebook). This project is a dialoug framed in time for the unknown duration of the quarantine, when we all experience similar emotions of loneliness, anxieties, uncertainty, while at the same time we have the mental space to imagine a different reality, not only from the current one, but from the pre Covid-19 as well.

Combining abstract and organic design elements
Creating a clear, flat digital product
The Dream House Machine is the artist.
to order you own Quarantine Dream House
free of charge
contact Gal Cohen
preferably at Instagram, @galshugon or here at FB
tell her about your  House of Dreams
The artist’s website is here
[posted here from top to bottom, courtesy of Gal Cohen]
[Gal Cohen, Alena’s House of Dreams by Quarantine Dream House Machine] [2020]
[Gal Cohen, Era’s House of Dreams by Quarantine Dream House Machine] [2020]
[Gal Cohen, Ali’s House of Dreams by Quarantine Dream House Machine] [2020]

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