(Things) Mishnah Shabbat is Beautiful



cedar bast [lekhesh], uncombed flax [ḥosen], raw silk [kalakh], willow bast [petilat haidan], desert weed [petilat hamidbar], nor green mosspitch [zefet], wax [shaava], castor oil [shemen kik], burnt oil [shemen sereifa], fat from a sheep’s tail [alya], tallow [ḥelev]. boiled and umnbolied (m.Shabbat 2:2)

tar [itran] all oils, sesame oil, nut oil, turnip oil, fish oil, gourd oil, tar, and even with naphtha [neft, olive oil (m.Shabbat 2:3)

strings of wool, strings of flax, strips that a woman braids in the hair of her head. the ornament called totefet, sarvitin that are not sewn into her head covering, kavul a city of gold, katla, nose rings, a ring that has no seal on it, a needle that is not perforated, (m.Shabbat 6:1)

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