Haredi Dance of Death (Coronavirus)

Oren Kessler@OrenKesslerUltra-Orthodox celebrate the little-known holiday שמחת מגפה, or Feast of the PestilenceQuote Tweet

עקיבא ווייס Akiva Weisz@AkivaWeisz · Sep 28בחורי ישיבת ‘עטרת שלמה’ בראשון לציון חוגגים את יציאתם מהקפסולות עם סיום מסכת36.9K views0:26 / 0:2612:26 PM · Sep 30, 2020·Twitter Web App4 LikesOren Kessler@OrenKessler·Replying to @OrenKesslerThe holiday is marked by heavy breathing in enclosed spaces, hand-holding with multiple partners, the ceremonial repudiation of basic science and common sense, and the symbolic representation of the Jewish people as a single, unified, infected herd.

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  1. dmf says:

    mass suicide/murder?

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