(Links) The Supreme Court and Legal Putsch in Israel (Overview & Background)

In fact, the Supreme Court in Israel is not radical, and is deferential to state authority in regards to Basic Laws (including the 2018 rightwing Nation State Law), security, and the military occupation and settlements in the occupied West Bank. But that’s not what promoters of the judicial putsch claim about it. For some basic and expert background about the Supreme Court and the judicial putsch in Israel, I am posting a few links.

This piece here is by Neta Barak Corren and provides the a broad overview.

This link here is to the Israel Democracy Institute. Only 22 laws were overturned by the Supreme Court since 1997. They are listed here.

This link here is to The Israeli Law Professors’ Forum For Democracy’s position paper 20: On the Supreme Court’s case law relating to security issues and the Occupied Territories

This link here at the very leftwing +972 is a very balanced bio on and interview with Simcha Rothman, a Knesset member from the Religious Zionism part and an archictect of the judicial “reform.” It provides context as to what, from the point of view of the government and its leaders, especially on the religious national right, is motivating the attack on the judicial system.

This link here by Suzie Navot at the Israel Democracy Institute explains what’s at stake in re: to overturning the “reasonable standard” relating to the untrammled power by the government to fire and appoint public officials at will.

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  1. Israel’s fascist right trying to put absolute power in Knesset and cabinet in order to further the hot head discussion for annexation of illegal West Bank while ignoring issues of Israeli civil society. The beginning of the end. Not the Israel we want to serve and revere

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