Rise and Resist Happy Fourth of July Civil Disobedience (Therese Patricia Okoumou)


Rise and Resist. Because of people like Therese Patricia Okoumou, this is why I love this country. Here’s the story and video at the New York Post.  “The unidentified daredevil took Lady Liberty at around 3:33 p.m. and then toyed with police for the next three hours before she was corralled under the statue’s giant right foot. Helicopter footage showed her lounging around, waving her protest shirt — which also said ‘Trump Care Makes Us Sick’ — and at one point, laying on her side on the ledge about 20-30 feet above the base.”


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(Interview with Batsheva Goldman-Ida) Hasidic Art & the Kabbalah

Hasidic Art Objects

The Book of Doctrines and Opinions:

The presentation of history using objects is currently the trend in many books and exhibits. There are books on the history of a given topic in 8, 10, or 50 objects. For example, I recently saw an exhibit on the history of Frankfort am Main in 100 objects.

Scholars are also doing this in religious studies, where they apply anthropology, art history, performance studies, and aesthetics are applied in the investigation of belief in everyday practices. They look at the images, objects and spaces of religious devotion and the sensations and feelings that are the medium of experience. The new questions include those of embodiment, sensation, space, and performance. Here is a podcast on the topic of material religion.

In a new book, Hasidic Art and the Kabbalah(October, 2017) by Batsheva Goldman-Ida she connects material culture and Hasidism, the textual world of Kabbalah meets the art exhibit. In several…

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City of Curiosities (Urban Pop Up Art)


It’s gone now, but there was this temporary installation of privately funded public art at the corner of St Nicholas and Frederick Douglass. Boxes were installed into a plain plywood wall. It’s pop-up art. Politically and morally, it’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, it was funded by the real estate developer working the site into new expensive construction. The relationship between art and real estate gentrification is familiar. On the other hand, the art is modest and low scale; the project contributes to local artists and to creating a live urban space. Art finds a niche. Including bios of the artists involved with this project, the website for Art in Flux is here.  Visually, the mix of architectural and biomorphic form caught the eye, made you stop, look, and think. You can decide if it was worth it.

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(Agitated) Philosophy and Art (Adrian Piper)


Check out the big Adrian Piper exhibition currently at MoMA. Her work goes back to the 1970s. Piper worked at the intersection of art, philosophy, and politics. I am going to write more about her later, but for now I’m posting these these two series of photographic mock-ups. In both, she dressed up to be “The Mythic Being,” an often addled man with an afro and mustache. The first one above is The Mythic Being: A 108 (Kant) #1-6, 1975. These are oil crayon drawings on a black and white photograph. The second one below is the The Mythic Being: I am the Locus #1-5, also oil and crayon on a black and white photograph from 1975. They are very cheeky. When I took these digital shots, I forgot to angle out the reflection in from the monitor playing across the gallery. The philosophical oomph runs counter to Kant, who is simultaneous at the base of Piper’s career as an artist. In both series, the Mythic Being gets increasingly agitated.



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Everything #6 (Adrian Piper)

everything 6

(Adrian Piper, Everything # 6, 2004)  On an incredibly sad day thinking about the new Trump Supreme Court, the six digital prints on wallpaper by Adrian Piper were particularly apropos. “Everything will be taken away.”


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This Amazing Asian Supermarket in Morningside Heights (H Mart)


For gastronomes and Food and Foodway Studies people:

Speechless, I wandered aisle after aisle, struck by the vastness of varieties and options –produce, meat and fish, noodles, kimchi, mushrooms, desserts and snacks, and also cookware and kitchenware. When I have the time, I’ll go back and look more closely at everything. Catering, one can only surmise, to the large Asian and Asian American student bodies at Columbia, the phenomenal and super bright H Mart just opened shop at the corner of Broadway and 110th Street.

Here at Wikipedia, I found out that, The chain, with locations throughout the United States and Canada, specializes in providing Asian foods. The chain also operates several Super H Mart stores. H Mart is the largest Asian American grocery store with 61 locations nationwide. The “H” in “H Mart” stands for Han Ah Reum, a Korean phrase meaning “one arm full of groceries.”

I was going to make a joke about there being no kosher aisle but decided not to. An American institution, H Mart opens out an intense, alternative culinary universe, a total food environment.

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(Democracy) Little Forest and Garden Parks (Harlem)


The neighbors who tend this little park in Harlem turned it into a forest. A white gravel path takes you into the cool, dark shade. There are cats here at the Joseph Daniel Wilson Gardens at W. 122 Street between Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglass Boulevards.


Just down the street is this urban garden-farm, Our Little Green Acre.

I’ve been posting a lot of gardens here at Jewish Philosophy Place. On my walks around and about in the neighborhood, they form part of my everyday. In a big, urban environment, these diminutive parks and gardens are precious places. Unlike suburban lawns and gardens, these don’t really have to be there. It takes special labor to set them up and aside, to protect and to tend them. Thinking by way of allegory, they are not unlike democracy.

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