Pigs (New York State Fair)

Meat is murder, I guess, but this is the way we live. I’m very ambivalent about the pig. Or maybe not. Actually, I just don’t like them. I don’t like the smooth, pink, a little-too-human skin. Why can’t I be more generous? The power of a strong religio-cultural aversion, around which I can’t think any way. It can’t be their fault. Surely, it can’t be fair. I hurry past the pigs towards the goats and sheep. They share the same shed. I find them more palatable.

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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics. http://religion.syr.edu
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  1. palmsundae says:

    Embrace the piggie! I especially love state fair pigs. The farmers shave and grease them up, grope them to score them, and cannot control the squealing. The same upbringing led me to a lifelong love of real pigs, toy pigs, and almost all pork products and recipes.

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