Worlds Collide (Jewish Philosophy Place at Tumblr)


No doubt, I have now completely lost my mind. I’ve started up with Tumblr. I wanted a new way to promote the blog and I like how on Tumblr I can just post the images. You can find me at But what  I really like about Tumblr are the other Tumblers whom I’ve decided to follow, and the way they appear on my “feed.” I like how the different groups of images all impact together.

Here are the Tumblers I follow for now are. I think they are all terrific:

–Belzer-Geir (A nineteen year old “gentile” converting to Belz Hasidism. Like all things on line, you have to wonder if this is true. But why not be generous. He posts incredible photographs, many or even most dealing with Belz Hasidim. He has a remarkable eye.

–Meshuggena Maydel posts more mind-blowing gender images than could possibly be good for a person. Bodies are front and center, with a neo-kabbalistic spiritual vibe. Again, I’ll be generous and assume she’s a she, as if it makes a difference. The pictures are more often than not remarkable.

–Lazer Silberstein  Does anyone know who this guy is? He’s got to be an academic. He writes on “Jewish Stuff Yiddishe Lebn; Wissenschaft des Judentums; Queens and sometimes queens; Zionismus des Geistes; Folk Music–even some shoutouts to my brothers and sisters and non-binary kin of all Jewish ethnicities)

 –A synagogue a day posts exactly that. Mostly historical.

–The Two Germanys posts simply the strangest stuff. Mostly historical photographs. I can’t even describe it very well except to note a possible intersection between things of the “spirit,” bodies, and morbidity.

I like, in particular how these folk frame the kind of image-world I’m trying to create at JPP into a peculiar elective affinity. There’s lots of things out there in the world, and they combine in all kinds of interesting collisions.


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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics.
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