Politics Looks Like This (New York State Fair 2013) (Chuck Schumer)

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Trying to get a candid shot of a politician on the schmooze at the New York State Fair is as hard as trying to photograph a chicken. I’ve now done both and I’m not sure what’s harder. They’re both constantly moving. They both duck, move, dart around, and scratch. A good liberal, I’m proud to call Schumer my Senator.” He’s up every year at the State Fair, as are all the state office holders. It’s part of the drama. You always run into one. Schumer, I’ve seen twice, and both times, it was a thrill to watch him work the crowd. This year, I ran into him at the milk barn, where you can get cold milk for 25 cents a cup. Later, he and his “entourage” swung around near the picnic benches between the mini-golf and artificial pond. Nobody seemed to know who he was, until we gave him a big hoot, which might have frightened him. I like the sharp, beady eye look on the cunning man’s face. That’s what politics look like.

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