Live Tweets — Will Jews Exist? Conference (Josh Nathan-Kazis)

will jews exist

For a quick skim across the surface, here are Josh Nathan-Kazis’ live tweets from the “Will Jews Exist?” conference at YU with Sheldon Adelson and company. An illumination into the hive that is the collective mind of rightwing conservative Jewish thinking, I’m not sure it brought much lustre to Yeshiva University, which hosted the event. It’s pretty much what you expected in terms of content. What I like about the tweets is the organization of statements and how they flow in a module format in bytes across the twitter feed.

Josh Nathan-Kazis

Josh Nathan-Kazis


Staff Writer, The Forward

Brooklyn, NY ·


  1. Seems to be almost over. Handed out question cards but took none of them.

  2. I think Mort Klein’s wife dropped her wedding ring. Returned safely.

  3. Adelson on Palestinians: “To go and allow a Palestinian state is to play Russian roulette.”

  4. Adelson: “It’s more unwise to trade land for peace from a people who are not a ppl… There’s no such thing as a Palestinian.”

  5. Boteach asking should Israel cede land in peace deal. Stephens saying no, at length. Adelson next.

  6. Stephens drawing distinction btw assimilated Jews who “remain loyal” and those who “betray.”

  7. Adelson: “We’re going to get to the point where Israel is cool. Not uncool.”

  8. Adelson says he’s created this to provide “information, propaganda if you will.” 

  9. Adelson, on being one of richest men in world: “It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.”

  10. OK, Boteach pivoting to assimilation. First question, to Joel: “Why is Israel’s rep on campus so absolutely awful”?

  11. Adelson: “I don’t know the difference between the Shia and the Sunnis.”

  12. Hopped from Iran to FDR to Palestinians… Back to Adelson on how Iran negotiations should go.

  13. Half an hour in, this is all about Israel bombing Iran.

  14. Adelson: “If [Bibi] says that Israel is an existential threat, he would not live…without taking some kind of action.”

  15. Starting with Iran. Stephen making case for Israel attacking Iran without US authority.

  16. Boteach, in intro, adds Pew survey to Iran, assimilation as reasons why he’s asking “Will Jews Exist?”

    1. Joel, Boteach, Adelson, Adelson security guard.

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  17. Settling in at “Will Jews Exist?” event. Upstairs, reception with Adelson, Boteach, others, just ending.

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