BDS Liberal Jew Purge (Mondoweiss)

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“Not anti-Semitism.” A very helpful review over at Mondoweiss of the argument about Israel-Palestine between Electronic Intifadah and the Nation dithers into abject Jew-counting. Are too many Zionists and Jews writing at the Nation? The article by Rania Khalek at Electronic Intifadah is here. Richard Kim at the Nation responds here. In the name of diversity, it looks like Mondoweiss and company want to purge liberal Jews from the left, starting with Eric Alterman. So much for coalition building. The left eats itself. We all get diminished by BDS and its monopolization of the discourse about Israel and Palestine.

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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics.
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4 Responses to BDS Liberal Jew Purge (Mondoweiss)

  1. Daniel Sieradski says:

    They tried the same thing at Occupy and I fought them over it, much to their chagrin. So they wrote a hit piece on me at Electronic Initifada which was widely derided as the left once again eating itself.

  2. adam shachor says:

    You’re just a Zionist Stooge, Daniel 🙂

  3. Jon-Erik says:

    Steven Salaita from Virginia Tech has been all over social media during this ASA story and has written a book about American anti-arab racism that makes sure to point out that “both sides do it” with respect to liberals.

    The strategy seems very much to be to heighten the contradictions and dare anyone who isn’t a one-stater to line up on the other side. This has almost never worked in America.

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