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I’m of mixed mind about the rolling brouhaha regarding movie star Scarlett Johansson’s transformation into the public face of SodaStream and “Apartheid Israel.” If there is a larger and genuine political meaning to what can be viewed as a little bit of Israel-Palestine infotainment it’s maybe this. On the one hand, the scandal and scandalizing truly puts the upheaval in Kiev, the ongoing slaughter in Syria, Iraq, and the Central African Republic into proper perspective. Right? Because who gives a shit about Syria or Iraq or the Central African Republic ? All you care about, all you give us to care about is Palestine, all the time. About these other places, silence. On the other hand, these large scale calamities put the Occupation back into its “proper” perspective. They underscore the petty and mean nature of the Occupation and of the Israeli government position, such as we are privy to information re: its position in this latest round of negotiations. It’s precisely the pettiness of the situation, the smallness of the conflict, and the ability, perhaps, to do something about it, is probably the reason for which the “international community” has, it seems, finally lost all patience. Of course, by “the international community” what one really means public and official opinion in the EU and USA. Otherwise, there might be more concern with the slaughter in places like Syria, Iraq, and the Central  African Republic…and Southern Sudan.

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  1. Florenco says:

    Meaningless drivle article, used to confuse people into thinking what the Zionists are doing is nothing compared to other events in the world, when in fact the Zionists are creating much of the other violent events in the world – hidden from most people in meaningless, confusing drivle of which a Zionist does so well, right author of this article?

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