Assi Dayan (Before God, One Father With One Eye)


Marking the passage of time marked by the death of Assi Dayan, movie actor and son of the iconic Moshe Dayan, Isabel Kershner quotes in the NYT this searing remark. On the big screen of the collective imaginary, taking stock, a symbol of the nation and its youthful promise, this is what’s left. Narrating the story of his life, Mr. Dayan began: “My name is Assi, Assi Dayan. At 65 I am making another movie. My body is collapsing from all the cigarettes, chemicals and material fatigue.” He continued: “I think I’ve lived enough for several people. It’s time to summarize, to take stock. So here it is: There are 80 movies I’ve acted in, 16 I’ve written and directed, nine Oscars” — a reference to the Israeli Oscar — “three lifetime achievement awards, and besides that, thousands of newspaper articles, one novel, three books of poetry, three and a half years in psychiatric wards, three suicide attempts, two arrests, three wars, four weddings, four children, but before everything, and before God, one father, with one eye.”

assi dayan

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