(The End of the World) Temple Mount Catastrophe  (There is No God, but…)


Take a look at the catastrophic pit into which the State of Israel, Jewish and democratic, is about to tumble. Cynical and dangerous people, two Israeli parliamentarians, a Likud MK and a Labor MK, are proposing a law allowing Jewish prayer up on the Temple Mount. You can read about it here. It would turn the world upside down, and light it on fire.

About Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, Miri Regvev, the Likud MK and main instigator, has this to say.  “There is no reason that Jews should not be allowed to pray in the holiest site in the world,” she said on Saturday. Regev said she would not desist until that was achieved. “I firmly believe that each event of Muslim unrest on the Mount should lead to its closure to Arabs. The prime minister is not the only decider on the issue, and if the proposal does not pass I’ll turn to the High Court for Justice in a public petition until Jews are allowed to pray with tallit and tefillin on the Temple Mount.”

The idea, we see, is actually to keep Arabs off the Temple Mount. But surely wouldn’t it be easier for any Jew who wants so much to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem just to convert to Islam? I’ve always wondered what it must be like to pray at Al-Aksa. Convert to Islam, that’s what I’m going to do the day this law ever gets passed or the petition gets granted by the Supreme Court. So should every right-thinking Jew. “There is no God but Allah, and…”

For more to read about inflammateur Miri Regev you can go here.


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Zachary Braiterman is Professor of Religion in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. His specialization is modern Jewish thought and philosophical aesthetics. http://religion.syr.edu
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2 Responses to (The End of the World) Temple Mount Catastrophe  (There is No God, but…)

  1. Eric says:

    If Jews praying is going to turn the world upside down and light it on fire, then imagine what Jews building a few houses in the West Bank is going to do to the world!

    Seriously, leftists can be so silly sometimes. Or all the time.

    • zjb says:

      I think Moslem now have ample reason to fear that moves are afoot to take over the site. Leftists might be silly, but these rightwing and rigtwing religious people are playing with fire, and they know it.

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