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(No) One State Solution (Europe & Israel)

Among a certain smart set, talk about a One State Solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict was launched by Tony Judt’s article here in the New York Review of Books comparing Israel and the Zionism to the European Union.  It seemed … Continue reading

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(Photographs) Daughters of the King (Federica Valabrega)

Very cool pictures of orthodox women by Italian born, Brooklyn based photographer Federica Valabrega. Based on the traditionalist notion that the “kavod” of the King’s daughters is inside, the idea was to get at what Valbrega saw as the spiritual … Continue reading

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Random Porcelain Monkeys

Saw these guys gracing the window of I forget which florist on the Upper East Side. I think it’s the utter randomness of their appearance.

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(1929) Year Zero of the Israel-Palestine Conflict (Hillel Cohen)

In this look at 1929 anti-Jewish riots in British Mandate Palestine, Hillel Cohen’s 1929 (Hebrew) throws much needed light on contemporary debates regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Rather than focus our attention on 1948, the creation of the State of Israel, … Continue reading

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Flowers (New York)

A little strip of flowers on a Morningside Drive garden. These pictures came out peculiar, somewhat off center and a little out of focus. Unaware and very much alive, it was like they were taken by a five year old.

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(Palestine) No Binational State (Omar Barghouti)

What’s a liberal to do now that the 2 State Solution is dying or already dead on its deathbed? What are the alternatives out there already and are they any good? More and more it’s being argued that a “binational … Continue reading

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Glass 1025 5th Avenue Lobby (New York)

I like the perspectival shifts opened out by this little glass box lobby just across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The collapse between inside and outside in the bright reflection, the neat little garden space, and the reflection of … Continue reading

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