Lord of The Flies (Stabbing Intifadah)

lord of flies

Two cousins, Ahmed Manasra, 13, and his cousin Hassan Manasra, 15, stab a 13 year old Jewish boy on a bike before attacking another passerby, seriously wounding both. The older cousin is killed by security, the younger wounded. Some Israeli passerby films him writhing in his own blood, which goes viral on the internet among anti-Israel circles. These are kids (teenagers and young people just into their 20s). The “resistance” they represent and their “defense of Al-Aqsa are as deranged and dangerous as they are politically impotent. What good will knifing people in the street and on buses secure anyone except more human misery and more uncomprehending racism?

It looks like the complete collapse of adult Palestinian civil authority (except for one thing: the attacks are emanating for the most part for now from areas under Israeli sovereign rule, namely Israeli Palestinian towns and East Jerusalem). Rightwing commentators have pinned the blame on official Palestinian Authority incitement and from Israeli Arab politicians, while security people insist that Abbas and (most of?) his people are trying to tap things down. Over and over, reports highlight the youth of this new wave of Palestinian terror. They’re not listening to any adult authority. In this chapter of The Lord of the Flies, young people go out and about with knives, internet connections, and Facebook accounts to commit unspeakable acts of violence.

Almost the precise thing could be said about radical youth elements in Israeli society, the mobs of young people marching through the Old City abusing residents, the Hill Top Youth attacking Palestinian farmers, burning down mosques and churches, and, yes, beating to death a 16 year old boy and burning his body, and murdering innocent people asleep in their home.

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  1. Let’s not forget the young people who burnt three members of a Palestinian family to death and have faced no punishment. The failure of mainstream rabbis to should “din achat” from the rooftops echoes loudly. This is the sort of stuff for which self-hating Jews like Amos and Jeremiah preached churban.

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